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With current day application and augmentation from the sefer Halacha Berura written by Chacham David Yoseph of Yichaave Daat
Questions and Answers Available through Chelek Aleph Siman 122. Click here for the most recently posted Q&A.
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Questions & Answers on Siman 90
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Is it permissible to pray the Amida while standing on a low stool?
If a Bima had recently been constructed in the synagogue and its surrounding walls have yet to be erected, may one pray the Amida while standing on the Bima?
If one prayed the Amida on a chair or elevated area where praying the Amida is prohibited, must he repeat the Amida?
How many windows should there be in a synagogue, and where should they be situated?
Must a blind person pray specifically in a room with windows?
If one has no other option other than praying the Amida either in a room without windows or outdoors, which option is preferable?
May one pray in an enclosed area that has no roof?
Is it preferable to pray outdoors or in the ruins of a building?
Under what circumstances is it permissible to pray in the ruins of a building?
If the synagogue building contains a room (such as a Beit Midrash) behind the main sanctuary, may one pray in that room if his back will be turned towards the Aron of the main sanctuary?
If one has the option of either praying privately in the synagogue, or with a Minyan in somebody's home, which is preferred?
If a Jewish captive is allowed to attend services in the synagogue one day a year, which day should he choose?
If a person is needed to complete a Minyan, is it preferable to join the nine men to complete the Minyan, or to pray with a large congregation?
If one finds that he cannot properly concentrate when he prays with a Minyan, may he pray privately?
Under what circumstances is it permissible to miss praying with a Minyan for financial reasons?
If the only morning Minyan available prays Shacharit before sunrise, should one pray with the Minyan or pray privately after sunrise (given that it is generally preferable to pray only after sunrise)
If a person cannot attend the services in the synagogue, such as due to illness and the like, when is the preferred time for him to pray?
If a person sees that the congregation will not recite the Amida before the latest time for the recitation of that prayer, may he begin reciting the Amida before the congregation?
If a person knows that he recites the Amida more slowly than the congregation, may he begin the Amida before the congregation so that he will complete it in time to join in the recitation of Kedusha?
If a person has two or more synagogues near his home, one nearer than the other, in which synagogue should he pray?
Is it permissible to run while inside a synagogue?
Is it permissible to spit inside a synagogue?
Should one don his Tallit and Tefillin at home if thereby he will not be among the first ten people in the synagogue, or is it preferable to be among the first ten and don one's Tallit and Tefillin i
Under what circumstances may one pray privately because he wishes to leave on a trip early in the morning, before the public prayer service?
How far must one travel from his home to pray with a Minyan?
When is it preferable to pray with a Minyan in a Beit Midrash rather than a Minyan in a synagogue?
When is it preferable to pray privately in a Beit Midrash rather than with a Minyan in a synagogue?
Is it proper to study Torah during the prayer services in the synagogue?
Which objects must one try to avoid having in between him and the wall while praying?
Is it permissible to pray in front of a mirror?
Is it permissible to pray in front of one's Rabbi in the synagogue?
If a child urinates in the synagogue as people around him pray the Amida, what is the proper procedure for them to follow?
If a child defecates in the synagogue, and somebody praying nearby did not notice, should one interrupt the silent Amida to inform this person that he must leave that area to complete the Amida?