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With current day application and augmentation from the sefer Halacha Berura written by Chacham David Yoseph of Yichaave Daat
Questions and Answers Available through Chelek Aleph Siman 122. Click here for the most recently posted Q&A.
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Questions & Answers on Siman 11
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Are Tzitzit strings valid for use if the one who spun the wool merely thought in his mind rather than verbally declare that he spins the wool for the Mitzvah?
Must the wool used for Tzitzit be combed with the specific intent that this is done for the Mitzvah of Tzitzit?
Are Tzitzit strings valid if they were spun by a woman who claims that she had the required intent during the process?
Are Tzitzit strings valid if they were spun by a gentile and a Jew informed him when he began that he must spin the wool with the Mitzvah of Tzitzit in mind?
Is it advisable to tie a knot at the bottom of every Tzitzit string so that it will not unravel?
If one's Tzitzit strings are very long, may he cut them after they are tied onto the garment?
What is the maximum allowed length of Tzitzit?
What is the minimum required length of the Tzitzit, including both the section with the knots, and the section of straight strings?
What is the desirable proportion between the length of the section with the knots, and the length of the section of straight strings?
Are Tzitzit strings valid if they were produced from stolen wool?
May one use Tzitzit strings for the Mitzvah if he bought them on credit and has not yet paid the seller?
Is it recommended to tie the Tzitzit to the garment in two holes at each corner, instead of only one?
If an animal was worshipped as a deity, can one use the wool that grew after that point for Tzitzit?
If the hole in the corner of one's Tallit expanded after the Tzitzit were affixed, such that the hole begins within 2 cm of the garment's edge, does it remain valid for use?
What is the recommended procedure for one who does not have time before Shabbat to completely tie the Tzitzit strings to his Tallit?
What is the generally accepted concerning the number of times the long Tzitzit string should be wrapped around the others in between the five knots?
What is the symbolic significance of the five double knots in the Tzitzit?