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With current day application and augmentation from the sefer Halacha Berura written by Chacham David Yoseph of Yichaave Daat
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Each day, Rabbi Eli Mansour gives a Shiur on Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim, with full review of the Mishna Berura and current analysis as written in Halacha Berura by Chacham David Yoseph shlita. The lessons are approximately 10-15 minutes in length and are recorded after Daf Yomi every morning during the winter months at Har HaLebanon in Brooklyn New York. During the summer months, the shiurim are recorded in the Lawrence Ave Shul in Deal NJ. The shiur is available for listening and downloading only and is not transcribed at this time.

The goal is to complete an Amud (one side) of the Mishna Berura per day. With G-d’s help, we hope to complete the entire Mishna Berura in the year 2010. www.Mishna began on Sept. 18th 2005, on a day who’s 1st line in the Daf Yomi of the day in Masecehet Shabbat, Daf 139 read “Halacha Berura u’Mishna Berura BiMkom Echad”.

The audio clips contained within this site, are made available for the listening pleasure and learning benefit of the individual user. These clips may NOT be duplicated, distributed, made available via the internet, broadcasted, or reproduced in any way shape or form without the express written consent of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour. Misuse of these recordings are considered a form of Gezel (thievery.) Please use proper discretion.

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